Cúrate reopens after expansion, revamped menu & new Charcuterie Bar

Asheville – Have you been to Cúrate since it reopened after expanding into the retail space next door?

Curate Asheville

I’ve been a slacker, waiting a month to write about a magical time spent at Cúrate the night before their reopening. We got the chance to watch (and taste) the fine tuning live: new menu, new space, and last minute staff training.

Curate Asheville

We loved every dish we had, liking one of the desserts just a tad less than the others. That’s right, we had three desserts. No shame.

Later, someone told me that the new menu consisted of eight new items. I hadn’t been for a while, so it seemed like quite a few more than that to me.

And the new Charcuterie Bar is killer: decor, to open carving area, to featured Sherries. Sherry is hot right now, making a comeback big time from NYC to LA and parts in between. Cúrate’s bartender asserted (with a wink) that they’d led the resurgence.

Curate Asheville

Curate Asheville

Our bartender spent some time with us talking about pairing Sherry with various foods/dishes, which I found so interesting as I am used to sipping Sherry late afternoon or after dinner.

So, if you haven’t been to Cúrate since they reopened, you must go! And definitely check out the Charcuterie Bar!!

Take a few moments to peruse the gallery, where descriptions of each dish are included.

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13 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: (828) 239-2946