Henderson Co launches pilot food waste collection

Hendersonville – Henderson County’s “Convenience Center” will launche a pilot food waste collection program on September 14th.

They’ll have two dedicated 64 Gallon carts available.

Permitted Items: “breads and pastas, coffee/tea grounds, paper filters/tea bags, cooked meat, fish, poultry, bones (cooked only), herbs and greens, eggshells and dairy, grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables, leftovers and scraps, rice and beans, compostable containers, cut flowers and stems, paper towels and napkins, soiled pizza boxes and paper bags.”

NOT Permitted in food waste carts: “aluminum foil, cans, ash or coal, bathroom products & baby wipes, chewing gum, glass, household trash, liquid cooking oil, pet waste, fur, hair, plastic containers, bags, film, raw meat, recyclables, steel cans, straws, plastic silverware, plates, textiles, tobacco products, yard waste and leaves.”

Three backyard compost worshops taught by Asheville Greenworks will take place this fall on Sept 23, October 14, and October 17. A DIY kit costs $15.

Registration information can be found online at www.hcrecycles.org. For more information call (828) 697-4505 or (828) 694-6524.

via Hendersonville Lightening