Finnish Summer Home

Family friends have a traditional Finnish summer home on an island just outside Helsinki. We were lucky enough to spend a day out there, checking...
Kauppatori Market Square

Kauppatori (Market Square)

We took some time to walk through Kauppatori, the seaside Market Square. It's "located near the centre of Helsinki, at the eastern end of Esplanadi...

Wandering Helsinki

Eye-catching images in Helsinki, Finland. Note: I included a picture of the Havis Amanda statue on Hat Day, aka Graduation Day. Tradition dictates placing a...
Hakaniemen Kauppahalli

Hakaniemen Kauppahalli

Hakaniemen Kauppahalli, the old Market Hall is a multi-level marvel of local food, crafts and other miscellaneous products in 70 shops. We took a break...
Turku to Stockholm Ferry

Turku to Stockholm Ferry

Combining getting from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden and a nights lodging, we took the overnight ferry. We killed some time going to the clubs...
Pannukakkutalo Pancakes


Pannukakkutalo was one of our daughter's favorite places to meet friends and get a bite to eat. We met up with her and a few...

Summer in Oulu

Oulu, Finland is a little off the normal tourist route, which was nice for us. Our daughter was just finishing up her sophomore year as...

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