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Bohemian Garden

Boheme’s Bohemian Garden opens tomorrow

Durham - Tomorrow, Thursday June 23, Boheme’s Bohemian Garden opens its doors with a soft opening. Soft Openings are usually an invite only affair...


The Carolina Crate from Lowes Foods

Lowes Foods Offers “Carolina Crate” Program Featuring Fresh Local Produce

Location varies - Fresh corn. Vine-ripened tomatoes. Sumptuous squash. Name a locally grown vegetable, and it might be included in the next Carolina Crate from...
Southern Fried Chicken Challenge

Southern Fried Chicken Challenge accepting applications now

Charleston, SC - The inaugural Southern Fried Chicken Challenge is coming to The Grove at Patriot's Point on October 22, 2016 as local chefs...



Author Belinda Ellis talks Biscuits

A conversation with Belinda Ellis Author of "Biscuits" Q: In your introduction, you talk about traveling around the country for 15 years for the White Lily®...
Fred Thompson Southern Sides

Cookbook Report: Fred Thompson’s Southern Sides

Fred Thompson has a new cookbook out that's full of Southern Sides. Two hundred and fifty of them, to be exact. Recipes have been...


News from inside the Carolina Culinary Scene

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Gentle Lentil Soup

Gentle Lentil Soup
WHEN MY HUSBAND CAME INTO THE KITCHEN and saw my very old and well loved Moosewood Cookbook open on the table, he smiled. He...