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Cutting Chai

Save the date! Chai Pani Presents Cutting Chai documentary

Asheville, NC - The Chai Pani team has created its first culinary documentary: made in-house and utilizing blood, sweat, tears, iPhones, professional cameras, and...
Cantina 76

Cantina 76, Mexican-Inspired Taqueria, Opens in Downtown Greenville’s ONE City Plaza

Greenville, SC – Cantina 76, a Mexican-inspired taqueria and bar established in Columbia, S.C., will open its newest location in Greenville, S.C., in downtown’s ONE...
The Carolina Crate from Lowes Foods

Lowes Foods Offers “Carolina Crate” Program Featuring Fresh Local Produce

Location varies - Fresh corn. Vine-ripened tomatoes. Sumptuous squash. Name a locally grown vegetable, and it might be included in the next Carolina Crate from...
Manteo Marina

Best budget friendly things to do in the Outer Banks

A series of fun beach towns and quaint villages on a long stretch of narrow land and islands, including over 100 miles of beach, on the...
Fred Thompson Southern Sides

Cookbook Report: Fred Thompson’s Southern Sides

Fred Thompson has a new cookbook out that's full of Southern Sides. Two hundred and fifty of them, to be exact. Recipes have been...
Farmer & Chef

Farmer & Chef Asheville Cookbook

Remember the stories about the never-before-done research and testing Julia Child and her partners did as they put together their iconic 1961, "Mastering the Art of...


News from inside the Carolina Culinary Scene

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Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich
But really, is there any better way to honor the summer tomato than a humble BLT?