Sushi in Fletcher!

Who knew? I’ve been driving by this place for years. The sign said something about a Japanese Steakhouse, which didn’t do much for me, so I never stopped . . . until today. Okay. I did peek in the window a couple years ago, but didn’t go in.

Today I noticed a new sign: Ganko Express – Hibachi, Sushi, Chinese & Thai. Turns out ownership changed about a year ago. The new owners kept the name until recently re-branding, modifying their focus. The word “Sushi” is what led to skid marks on Butler Bridge Rd.

Ganko has quite the selection of Sushi, so I asked the Chef to make me a couple rolls of whatever was good and fresh today. He was a little thrown off, but pleased with the request.

He explained the two rolls he chose are his creations and Ganko Express is the only place you can get them. Bring it, Chef!

What arrived at my table were two absolutely beautiful rolls. It was a shame to eat them, but Chef was watching from the kitchen, so I had no choice.

Beauty number one: Ganko Roll ($7.95) – This was a Tempura Shrimp, Avocado, Cream Cheese roll topped with and Smoked Salmon. Served warm, it was creamy-chewy, with a little crunch. So good.

Ganko Express

Ganko Express

Beauty number two: Mango Tuna Roll. Didn’t get the exact price, but it was around $6.00. Thick-sliced cucumber, hollowed out to hold pieces of Mango, Tuna and Avacado were topped with lightly toasted sesame seeds. This is where I close my eyes as I’m writing and sigh at the memory. So, so good.

Ganko Express

Ganko Express is not quite what I’d call a “hole in the wall” place, but it’s on the small side and exceedingly friendly.

Ganko Express

Ganko Express

Located in somewhat of a restaurant no-man’s land at the corner of Butler Bridge Rd. and Hendersonville Rd. (Hwy. 25) in Fletcher, Ganko is a find! It’s in a little center called “The Heritage Shoppes”, across the street from King Auto Auction.

Ganko Express

Think I’ll take College Daughter to Genko Express to try their Thai – which she loves. If their Sushi’s any indicator, we should be in for a treat. They also do Chinese. Anyone tried it here?

Ganko Express   (MAP)
5601 Hendersonville Rd.
Fletcher, NC 28732

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3 Responses to Sushi in Fletcher!

  1. those prices are insane!!!! what is the white stuff on top of the first one? They both look/sound delicious. I love cucumber wrapped rolls in the summer – so refreshing. the fast food feeling is a little weird. makes me concerned about quality, but the pictures of the food look great. I would be interested to know about the chef’s credentials….to me that’s super important when it comes to sushi.

    great find!

    • Little bits of Tempura topped the first roll, adding some crunch. As far as Chef’s credentials, all I know is he said he’d been making Sushi for 14 years. He came out to the table after I had tried both rolls to see what I thought, since he’d chosen them. Very sweet guy.

  2. I have been dining at Ganko Express at various times for about a year. In all honesty the food there is really good. They have great service and extremely good pricing for the quality that is received. If you’re looking for a place for you or your family to grab a great meal and a friendly environment, I cannot recommend Ganko Express enough. The owners are extremely friendly and take great care in the preparation of good food. I personally enjoy the big steak and shrimp plate. Take it from one satisfied customer, give it a try, you will be back for more.

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