A Boar’s Head Deli with Chops

PIC, his sister and I spent an afternoon in Wilmington, NC recently. I’d never been and wanted to check out the riverfront.

Admitting I hadn’t done prior lunch research, we were left in the situation many visitors face: wandering up and down the main drag (Front St.), reading posted menus, peering inside, trying to make a decision based on everything but the actual food.

We almost made the terrible mistake of passing up Chop’s Deli.

Chop’s Deli, 130 North Front Street, Wilmington, NC, is a definite keeper! Their second location is at 5120 S. College Road, #108, in the Wal-Mart shopping complex at Monkey Junction.

Chop's Deli

Those of a “certain age” may be more familiar with the term “chops” or “mutton chops” used to describe a particular style of sideburn.

See a resemblance between their logo and owner?

Chop's Deli

Chop's Deli

Some of us in line (stretching from counter to door throughout lunch hours) felt a little reticent to stand under another “chop” reference.

Chop's Deli

Notice the sanitation score in the photo above. For the amount of traffic and food that goes through Chop’s, they do a great job keeping things clean.

Chop’s case reflects their positioning as a “Boar’s Head Delicatessen”.

Chop's Deli

We watched our orders slung into the kitchen on a clip & cable set-up (circled in photo below) just like the one at 12 Bones BBQ in Arden, NC.

Chop's Deli

After placing our orders, we were lucky to find a seat. There were a couple tables available outside, too (See top photo). Be prepared to wait during busy hours as each sandwich is made as ordered.

Very noticeable was staff attitude. Although they were steadily slammed and working hard, they were laughing and joking with each other and customers.

Chop's Deli

Most deli sandwiches at Chop’s are in the $7 +/- range. Almost all of their “Signature” sandwiches are $8. All three of our choices were generously portioned, served with a pickle spear and choice of bagged chips. All three were also delicious!

Chicken Salad Wrap $7:

Chop's Deli

Pimento Cheese Sandwich $6: 

Chop's Deli

Egg Salad Wrap $6:

Chop's Deli

Hey Chop’s, have you considered Asheville?

Chop’s Deli
130 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 399-6503


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