Bavarian Booyah!

I’ve been wanting to try Bavarian Restaurant & Biegarten for a long time. Finally, I got my chance.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss this kitschy spot on Weaverville Highway, between Asheville and Weaverville. Look for a log cabin whose entrance is festooned with colorful umbrellas, picnic tables, flags, and “more”.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten
“More” – Bavarian Shoe Pole

Bavarian’s interior is wonderful! Cozy, beer-stein-hung, log and beam heaven. A little “lodge” sneaks in via mounted hunting trophies of all kinds.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Multi-flavored housemade bratwursts (follow link for better picture) hang at the back of the main dining room.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Setting Bavarian apart is their “Wild Beast Feasts”. Wild beast entrees (Frog Legs, Venison, Wild Boar, Ostrich, Elk, Buffalo, Rabbit) are $34.95. We didn’t go there, choosing the regular menu instead.

Delicious, crusty housemade bread and Vienna Salad start off all dinners. Vienna salad, made with seasoned chopped tomatoes and onions was new to me. Mixing each bite with the dressing centrally “welled” is a must.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

The guys each got Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) Schnitzel ($24.95). Pounded thin, breaded and topped with Black Forest Ham and melted Munster cheese.

All Schnitzels are served with your choice of Spatzle (pasta) or German Potato Salad and red cabbage as well as the Vienna Salad and fresh bread. Plates were garnished with a spiced apple ring. PIC went with the Spatzle, but will probably try the potato salad next time. He felt the Spatzle could have supported more seasoning.

That being said, both Blue Angel eaters thought the Schnitzel well executed and tasty.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

The Clear Snapper Turtle Soup ($6) was tempting, as was the Hasenpfeffer (Braised Rabbit), but I decided to save those for the next visit. Always the rebel, I ordered off the printed menu, choosing that night’s Pork Chop Special ($24.95). It came as a package: German potato salad and fruit mixed in apple sauce. Red Cabbage is in the background.

Growing up, we never, and I mean never, had pork chops without applesauce, so this dish brought back memories. Of course, our applesauce was out of a Mott’s jar and was not mixed with fruit.

Rarely do I eat more than one chop – this was a rare occasion. These chops were so flavorful, tender and juicy, I just couldn’t help myself. Talk about comfort food!

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

Our fourth had Jager Schnitzel ($24.95). Mushrooms in a demi-glace topped this Schnitzel. Not too much, not too little, this topping complimented the Schnitzel beautifully. This fourth thought the Spatzle was fine.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

And for dessert: King Ludwig fairytale Apfel (Apple) Strudel ($6.50). Can you small the baked apples and cinnamon? Unlike many strudels, this one had no nuts.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

And Schwarzwalder Kirsch – Heife Fisbombe (Sp?) ($6.50). Not sure what to expect, this was a fun presentation of a “traditional German Cake” served warm with hot strawberry filling and Black Cherry Ice Cream, topped off with whipped cream. This was a totally warm, yummy treat!

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten

 Epicurean Notes:

  • Coffee (Jocobs Krönung) ($2.50) was exceptionally robust – unusual and delicious. So much so, PIC and I bought one of the 17.6 oz bags sold at Bavarian. It tastes just as good at home.
Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten
Coffee served mit schlag (whipped cream)
  • Our party felt every dish was very good, but priced a tad high.
  • There’s a good chance desserts on the menu will be replaced by desserts available that day.
  • Bavarian’s menu, like their website, is really busy. Lots of different font styles, sizes and colors. Some may think this creates energy, but for me, it’s a bit manic and hard to read.

If you’re in the mood for German, definitely give Bavarian a try. Even with their pricing, it’s worth it to satisfy that craving.

Bavarian Restaurant & Biergarten
332 Weaverville Highway
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 645-8383

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