Pleasant City serves District 12

Starving in District 12 paused every time Hunger Games filming stopped in Shelby. Cast and crew walked a couple blocks from the empty warehouses used as a set to Lafayette Street eateries.

It’s fascinating to see the buildings as they really are compared to the scene created below:

District 12 - Hunger Games

One of the closest places to grab a bite, visible from the set if you craned your neck, was Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille on the corner of South Lafayette and Graham streets.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille
Facing South Lafayette Street

Pleasant City owners are not shy when it comes to supporting Foothills Farmers Market:

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille
Side facing E Graham Street

Their building doesn’t show its age:

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Inside it’s pretty much wide open with a couple seating areas separated by low walls. Straight back from the front door, you’ll see the wood fired oven and kitchen behind a huge plate glass window.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Pleasant City owners and staff have embraced the concept of District 12, posting a Hunger Games Visitor Map where customers can mark where they’re from.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

They also created a special District 12 Pizza using foods commonly found in the District. A sweet potato puree is used as the base, topped with mozzarella cheese, cubed ham, caramelized onions, mushrooms, goat cheese and fresh basil. I absolutely loved this thin-crust beauty. It was a little sweet for PIC’s taste.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Before the pizza arrived, we shared a “small” Strawberry Spinach Salad ($4.50 – large is $6.95) and a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup ($3.95 – a cup goes for $2.95).

Fresh baby spinach was topped with sweet onions, strawberries, goat cheese and candied walnuts served with their house made strawberry vinaigrette and a piece of house made seasoned bread.

This salad was every bit as good as it looks. What you might not get from the picture is how good the vinaigrette and bread were, too. I love bread – all kinds of bread – and this was a delicious herb-seasoned, melted-cheese topped variety.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Their signature house-made Tomato Basil Soup is made with heavy cream (love me some heavy cream), onions, garlic, fresh basil, and oven-roasted and stewed tomatoes. They could almost call it tomato stew, there were so many chunks of fresh tomato in this thing. And what a fabulous, deep, rich tomato flavor. We both loved it.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

We took some time after lunch to stroll Lafayette Street, poking around in the shops. Then back to the car for a drive through some Shelby neighborhoods, taking in beautiful old homes and buildings outside downtown before heading back up the mountain.

Pleasant City is open for lunch and dinner. See their full menu here.

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille
233 South Lafayette Street
Shelby, NC 28150
(704) 487-0016


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