Iron Hen Cafe: connecting farm, food & you

Iron Hen Cafe was the perfect place to meet Amy Scott, Director of Marketing – Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau, and two of her co-workers to talk about what’s been happening in Greensboro in general, and the culinary scene in particular.

Iron Hen Cafe

Journalist and author John Gunther once said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” Color me happy. This was such a fun meal. We talked about food – how impressed we all were with Iron Hen, restaurant openings, favorite restaurants (Bin33, Snack Bar, Table 16, Fincastles, M’Couls), favorite farmers markets, favorite food-related businesses, favorite foods. We also talked about art, culture, history, recreation and how Greensboro supports it all. Some of their favorites are the new Aquatic Center (Olympic swim trials held here), Proximity Hotel, Elsewhere (Artist Collaborative), Bryan Park Golf and Conference Center, Sheraton Greensboro/Koury Convention Center and the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

The Hen’s interior is a cross between cute/hip, see wall art below, and vintage. The shade of green they’ve chosen reminds me of a Grandma’s farm kitchen. The only things missing are kitchen tools with red-painted wooden handles.

Iron Hen Cafe

Iron Hen Cafe

You’ll notice a fresh fruit theme throughout the pictures of our breakfast dishes. Emblazoned across Iron Hen’s exterior are these three words: Fresh • Local • Good. And they mean it. Some of their local suppliers are listed here.

Hen’s mission statement:

Iron Hen Cafe“We are an Owner operated coffee shop, café, and catering company, with an award-winning chef. We serve organic, fair trade coffee; local, seasonal, and sustainable food daily. It is our mission to connect the food we serve, to the farm it came from, and to the people at our tables. We favor organic and North Carolina grown, but make concessions in both areas in order to highlight other farmers and producers with time-honored methods and very good products. We pride ourselves in being responsible both locally and globally, by recycling, reducing waste, and insuring all disposable products are eco sound. We look forward to exchange between chef/staff and community in order to grow, and to meet the needs of those we serve.”

This Iron Hen Scramble ($8.50), made with 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and green onions, comes with fresh fruit or grits and home fries. You can add white, sourdough or wheat toast for $1.

Iron Hen Cafe

How good can french toast be? Try this Cinnamon Raisin French Toast ($9) and you’ll find out. It’s served with steel cut oats topped with brown sugar and fresh blueberries. Honestly! Grilled to perfection, outside crispy, inside light and fluffy.

Iron Hen Cafe

Here’s a closer look, just because ~

Iron Hen Cafe

Fresh arugula, hickory-smoked Brie and ham temptingly oozed at the edges of this Ham and Cheese Omelet ($9).

Iron Hen Cafe

See all the burst air bubbles in these Sweet Potato Pancakes ($8)? Pancake lessons from Mom used to include, “when you see the bubbles burst, you know they’re done.” And these were done just right. That’s whipped cinnamon butter on the side. Yum!

Iron Hen Cafe

Hen’s weekly specials are posted on table-tops. The week I was in town, Thursday looked like fun.

Iron Hen Cafe

For some reason, I’d had a misconception about Iron Hen Cafe. Don’t know where it came from, but I’m very happy it’s gone now! Just love this unassuming spot where they’re walking the walk.

I’m looking forward to lunch or dinner at the Hen some day. See full menu here.

Iron Hen Cafe
908 Cridland Road
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 617-7105

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