Mary’s Gourmet Diner (of course)

    Mary's Gourmet DinerMary’s Gourmet Diner began as “Mary’s of Course“, then grew into “Breakfast of Course (and Mary’s Too)” at a new, larger location at the Northern edge of Winston-Salem’s Art District. They’re still there, in the once-upon-a-time bank building which underwent a complete (gutted) remodel and to which a wondiferous patio was added. Mary’s is still serving breakfast, but she’s expanded the menu to include many favorites from her original Mary’s of Course.

    Breakfast of Course

    That’s not Mary. Mary supports local artists in a big way, though. She’s also a big believer in Alice Waters’ and the Slow Food movement.

    We had breakfast in the upper (up a few steps) dining room, which boasts a large Garden of Eden wall mural painted by local artist, Jason Blevins.

    Service pieces are eclectic, adding to the fun. Equinox Eggs ($11.95) might be served on this plate any time during the year. A bed of can’t-believe-how-good-they-are corn cakes were first topped with steamed organic & local greens (chard, arugula, kale). Two eggs fried in olive oil followed. Finishing off the stack was a just delicious Tomato-Opal Basil Sauce and Parmesan cheese.

    This dish is a lesson in how to take a fried egg breakfast and make it fabulous. The layers of flavor and texture were interesting and delicious. You don’t eat  this dish without paying attention.

    Breakfast of Course

    A more standard order, Mary’s Two Egg Breakfast (with bacon) $7.75, is served with bread and choice of side. Some might not care for eggs seasoned in the kitchen, but I’m all for it in this case!

    Breakfast of Course

    We had a light eater with us who ordered two sausage patties and a side of fresh fruit.

    Breakfast of Course

    We also had someone in the mood for something a little heartier. She ordered one of Mary’s signature sandwiches, The Breakfast Club ($9.50). Served on wheat bread, it’s made with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, a fried egg & pesto mayo. It comes with choice of side and Turkey Bacon can be substituted at no additional charge.

    Breakfast of Course

    Learn more about what makes Mary tick in this Tasting Carolina article, “Mary and the Restaurant Business“, published November 13, 2012.

    Epicurean Notes: Mary’s Gourmet Diner is a definite “must go” spot in Winston-Salem. You’ll love the casual, bordering on funky, atmosphere and the food is wonderful. Also noteworthy, Mary hasn’t changed the name on her website, so it’s still listed as “Breakfast of Course (Mary’s Too)”. As of this writing, follow the following link to get you to their website: .

    Mary’s Gourmet Diner on Facebook [as Breakfast of Course (Mary’s Too)]

    Mary’s Gourmet Diner
    723 Trade Street
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101
    (336) 723-7239

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