Horse Shoe Cafe Celebrates 1 Year

Chef Lee Sedon and wife, Michelle, celebrated Horse Shoe Cafe’s 1 year anniversary with customers and friends Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Horse Shoe Cafe

They opened up after hours for the buffet and live music event.

Horse Shoe Cafe

Horse Shoe Cafe
Howie Johnson

It was interesting listening to conversations around the room. Most would would end up talking about what day(s) of the week were there regular days at the Cafe.

Horse Shoe Cafe

During the evening, Lee and Michelle talked about the recent addition of new tables and chairs as well as future plans for the Cafe.

They also have a shiny new website.

Congratulations! Soon we’ll be celebrating your 5 year anniversary!

Horse Shoe Cafe
3754 Brevard Rd
Horse Shoe, NC 28742
(828) 891-7414

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