The Poe House for evermore

Open just over a week and having not advertised at all, The Poe House is a hit! Five gal pals and myself met there last night for libations and to check out the new player in Hendersonville.

The off-alley basement location is perfect for a Poe-themed shop-wine-beer-bar. Coming off somewhere between English pub and trendy wine bar, Poe has a neighborhood hangout feel, where you’re welcome even if you’re not from the neighborhood.

The Poe House

Subtle Poe references are throughout. Listening carefully over music and conversation, I couldn’t hear the raven.

The Poe House

In the photo below, you’ll see a cutout in the middle of the table. It held some glass marbles and a candle. We blew the candle out because it was scented. Why would that matter, you ask? Because if you really want to taste wine, there should not be any interfering cents, including perfume. We mentioned this to owner, Kimberlee. She was well aware, but had used last minute candles purchased by staff that didn’t know that particular bit of tasting etiquette.

The only in-house food option is a cracker and cheese plate that this night included a couple of strawberries and a few dark chocolate squares.

The Poe House

BUT, they have shrewdly made a deal with West First Pizza above, to offer a few re-named pizzas. All they need now is a POS (or other) system that communicates with West First and a dumbwaiter so the server doesn’t have to run outside and around the side of the building to place the order, and then back again to pick it up. It could get out of hand quickly if a lot of pizzas are ordered – which I’m predicting they will be.

The Poe House

We were pleasantly surprised to find a good mix of men and women at Poe, which I’m chalking up to their fantastic craft beer, as well as wine, selection.

Another surprise, noted by two in our group that had just gone to a wine tasting done with Riedel Glasses:

The Poe House

All wine glasses at Poe are Riedel, another indication of a quality production. We did have a beer drinker at our table, but didn’t check out that glass.

We’d been ordering by the glass or flight, but decided to get a bottle to share when four of us wanted the same wine. A better deal even with a $10 corkage fee. Our server was efficient and fun. When I gave her a hard time about making sure all the pours were exactly equal, she did her best, even getting down to eye-level to be sure as she emptied the bottle to the last drop.

The Poe House

Speaking of our server. “Efficient” doesn’t do her justice. Six of us were randomly asking for water, ordering glasses of various wines, flights, pizzas, a cheese plate, and asking questions. Not one mistake was made and our six separate bills were accurate.

Kimberlee told us of planned expansions (happening soon) within the space. Judging from what she’s done so far, I’m expecting more of the same great feel.

Epicurean Notes:

  • The Poe House owners also own and run Travels in Wine Tours and recently launched, Travels in Beer Tours. Both types of tours go above and beyond the typical. Click either link to see what’s included.
  • A women’s wine club, Cork Chix, has been up and running for a while now.
  • It can get noisy, as in yelling across the table to be heard, when Poe is busy.

The Poe House          Facebook
105 1st Ave West
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(855) 763-2739 (currently under construction)