Desert Hiking

That’s right. Desert hiking, not dessert hiking.

PIC and I are vacationing in CA and spent time hiking in the desert near Mojave at Red Rock Canyon State Park today. We had all the recommended safety equipment and had looked over trail maps.

About a mile and a half out we lost the trail.

He: I see the trail over there, next to the road.

Me: What road? All I see is a dry flash-flood river bed.

He: Over there. I see tire tracks.

Me: I think we should retrace our steps back to the trail head, but okaaaay . . .

So we follow the trail-road (river bed),

Red Rock Canyon State Park

and come to a sign. What could it mean? Scout diagrams elude me. Turn left? Turn right? Run for your life?

Red Rock Canyon State Park

We soldier on and come to . . . a cliff that must turn into a spectacular waterfall during those flash floods. It’s hard to tell from the shot below, but imagine two small images standing in front of the red arrow, looking down.

Red Rock Canyon State park

We turned around and retraced our steps.