Buffalo Nickel: The Flip Side

West Asheville is rockin’ culinary offerings with new restaurants and bars opening one after the other lately.

Buffalo Nickel is one I’ve been wanting to try since they opened. When friends wanted to meet last week for lunch and said, “you pick the spot”, I seized the opportunity!

Their Deviled Eggs ($4) appetizer comes in fours – perfect for the four of us. The menu mentions Espelette Pepper and Chives, but not the Sea Salt that lent a tasty crunch. You can see large grains of salt on the plate pictured below.

Buffalo Nickel

Before going on, I’m going to issue a “I was having too much fun to take really great pictures” warning. In the picture below, for instance, it looks like I’m talking about fries, doesn’t it? The juicy, flavorful Apple Brandy Farms Burger ($10) was actually the star. And chef cooked it exactly as ordered.

Buffalo Nickel

The Quiche Lorraine with Farm Fresh Greens ($9) had great flavor and a nice creamy texture inside, but the crust and top were a bit overdone. Ordered by one of my friends, I’d give it a try on another visit hoping the well done top was a fluke.

Buffalo Nickel

My choice was the day’s Special, Croque Madame. It’s said that the difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame is that the added egg on top of the grilled Monsieur’s ham and cheese resembles an old-fashioned women’s hat.

Even though it’s listed under “Sandwiches”, it’s a hardy dish. Especially with the included side. I chose Sweet Potato salad. There was some discussion about whether the Sweet Potato Salad leaned more toward sweet or savory as two of us thought mustard was one of the items in the mix. I thought it was pretty tasty and not especially sweet.

The sandwich itself was delicious. That melted cheese topping was magic!

Buffalo Nickel

Rounding out our menu picks was this Pulled Pork with Ancho BBQ and Cabbage Slaw ($9) sandwich. The photo might not motivate you to try ir, but don’t let that stop you. I didn’t taste this one since I was plenty busy with my own sandwich, but the gal who ordered it liked it enough to finish every bite.

Buffalo Nickel

Only one of us had dessert, vanilla Ultimate Ice Cream sandwiched between two house-made chocolate chip cookies. Anyone familiar with Ultimate knows you can’t go wrong with any flavor made by these locals.

Buffalo Nickel

There’s a recurring theme when you read online comments about Buffalo Nickel: “I thought the place was deserted until I went upstairs.” The second floor wasn’t open when we were there, but they let us take a look anyway. It was immediately evident why people head up the stairs to Nickel’s flip side.

Buffalo Nickel

The space has a great feel. They’ve used exposed brick, re-purposed wood, and lighting to create a warm space that feels like it’s been in the neighborhood for years.

There are two large spaces, one anchored by a long bar. Even with stools up for cleaning, the space has a great look.

Buffalo Nickel

Through a wide opening to the left is the second space, anchored by pool tables.

Buffalo Nickel

Restrooms have been built out using the building’s original plank flooring that had to be replaced. A great look!

Buffalo Nickel

Finishing off the upstairs cool factor is this cushy lounge area.

Buffalo Nickel

I definitely want to go back for dinner (which I hear is even better than lunch) with friends, and think my strategy will be to have dinner downstairs for easier conversation, then head upstairs for drinks, maybe dessert and coffee, a game of pool, and general hanging out.

Buffalo Nickel
747 Haywood Road
West Asheville

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  1. Had to comment on my ice cream sandwich…the Ultimate ice cream was fantastic as always, but the cookies were hard as a rock and dry making it impossible to eat as a “sandwich”. As a baker, I realize I am picky, but I don’t like hard cookies. Even for $3 (a great price) I would not order it again. But I loved everything else!

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