Why Stevia Clear turns cloudy and what to do about it

Cloudy Stevia Clear made me nervous. Why was it clouding up? Was it safe? Should we throw it out?

Stevia Clear

This natural sweetener is not cheap. We paid $26.74 (includes tax) for a 4oz bottle at Asheville’s Earth Fare. At one or two drops per mug of coffee, the 576 serving bottle lasts us a long time.

Instructions on the bottle say “Refrigerate After Opening”. We refrigerate over night, but leave it out during the day – we like our coffee.

We first called Earth Fare and were told that the Stevia had separated from the water-Stevia solution. The employee was reassuring and offered to replace our bottle at no cost, but I wasn’t completely satisfied.

Next, we called Wisdom Natural Brands (800 number on the bottle), maker of SweetLeaf Sweet Drops. They told us that the Stevia had indeed separated. This was because they had changed over to all organic Stevia and the parts of the solution were not holding together.

Wisdom Natural Brands has now reformulated the product. Separation should no longer happen.

After asking for the lot number and expiration date, they quickly offered to send a replacement at no cost. It arrived today, only a week after calling.

Stevia Clear

Stevia Clear

Bottom line – cloudy Stevia Clear won’t hurt you, but if it bothers you like it did us, you should be able to replace the bottle easily and quickly at no cost.

Thank you Wisdom Natural Brands!


  1. We grow USDA certified organic stevia… and according to our experience (more than 27 years farming and extracting the sweet crystals), cloudy liquid stevia is not the result of using the organic product.

    • Thanks for your input, Oscar.

      I was told it was the percentage of water to Stevia that caused the separation and subsequent cloudiness.

      Do you disagree with this? Is there some other reason for the cloudiness?


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