Charlotte Chefs honored at New York City’s prestigious James Beard House

Charlotte, N.C. – Two Charlotte chefs have received a coveted invitation to prepare a dinner at the legendary James Beard House in New York City’s Greenwich Village on Friday, January 27. Luca Annunziata of Passion8 and Sylvain Rivet of Renaissance Patisserie will join French Master Butcher, Marc Pauvert of the Four Seasons, Baltimore in presenting “The Butcher, The Baker and The Chef.”

The privilege of cooking in the home of America’s culinary icon, James Beard, is reserved for the nation’s leading chefs. It recognizes their culinary accomplishments and contributions. The team of chefs is sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms, which supports chefs who are committed to raising awareness about healthy and humanely raised food choices.

Chef Luca Annunziata grew up in a family of artisan butchers in his native home of Naples, Italy. “More than ever, customers want to know about their food and where it comes from. This has created a whole new demand for craft butchers, a skill that almost disappeared in the States.”

Chef Annunziata wanted to honor his family heritage and his friendship with celebrity Master Butcher Marc Pauvert. The two plan for the meal to be educational as well as delicious. “We’ll start the day with whole animals, and end up with beautiful cuts on the plates,” explained Annunziata.

The six-course menu will include traditional Italian dishes such as Gnocchetti Verdi (lamb ragu) with French classics like Canard trois facons (duck confit.)

“I want this to be a very special dinner, so I immediately thought of Chef Sylvain Rivet at Renaissance Patisserie, right down the road. If you’ve never tasted his pastries… you are in for a special treat!” added Annunziata. Chef Rivet, whose impressive resume includes famous restaurants and famous Hollywood celebrities, has developed quite a Charlotte fan base for both his breads and pastries. “When Sylvain said he would join us at The Beard House, we knew our dinner had to be: The Butcher, The Baker and The Chef.

The public is invited to attend the Beard House Dinner on Jan. 27 (tickets at There will also be a local Beard House Rehearsal Dinner hosted by Chef Annunziata at Passion8, 1523 Elizabeth Avenue, on Tuesday, January 17 (tickets available by calling 704-910-3161).

About the James Beard Foundation: James Beard was an American cookbook author, teacher, media personality and a champion of American cuisine. The James Beard House, operated by the non-profit James Beard Foundation, is at the epicenter of America’s culinary community and hosts dinners featuring the world’s most celebrated chefs. For more information please visit and connect with them on Facebook at, on Twitter @beardfoundation and on Instagram @beardfoundation.

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