Espresso and Baked Goods now at The Garage on 25

Fletcher – Stopped at The Garage today to see if they had their espresso machine up and running.

The answer was YES! Finally!! This was probably my fifth time stopping in to see what they were going to do with their well-decorated coffee shop.

Awesome decor is fine, but it is all about the coffee after all.

The Garage

Shocking as it might be, I’ve been drinking fewer lattes lately. This means that what I do drink has to be darned good.

I’m afraid it made them a little nervous when I asked if they knew what they were doing with the espresso machine. A little spilled milk later, I had an excellent latte in my hands. Rich, robust, and hot.

There aren’t a ton of baked goods yet. I’m guessing they’ll carry more as they get busier. Baked goods they do have are excellent and are from what I consider Hendersonville’s top notch bakery, Gateaux, and Blue Door Bakery in Candler.

The Garage

This coffee shop is part of the bigger Garage building, a booth-type shop where various vendors sell original art, antiques, vintage, and this & that. If you have time, definitely explore.

My only suggestion for the owners regarding the coffee shop is to add electrical outlets, surge protectors, or whatever, to increase the number of outlets. There are a few available if you need to recharge your device as well as yourself.

At this point, they have a Facebook Page, but no website.

The Garage on 25
3461 Hendersonville Rd
Fletcher, NC 28732
Hours: Open today · 10AM–5PM
Phone: (828) 376-0198